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Building Better Relationships

Lynn loves working with her clients and building relationships that turn into friendships. Lynn has been building relationships with clients for over twenty five years. Working together with clients to regularly review their needs, goals and dreams, she helps clients map out a plan for their future, the future of their business or the financial future of their family. Lynn has many tools and methods available to her to measure, evaluate and restructure each plan as needed, to help clients live the quality of life they desire and to accomplish their dreams.

Lynn is not only a "Problem Solver" but also a "Dream Catcher". She advises clients in the areas of Tax and Financial Planning and helps clients by encouraging them to review their goals in the areas of tax, finances, insurance and estate planning. She then reviews each client’s particular situation and presents opportunities for future growth and development.

Whether you are planning for your own retirement, your child’s or grandchild’s education or for your business or personal tax situation, hiring an experienced professional who will work with you is key. Lynn Schmidt and the staff of Lynco Financial & Tax Services are here to be of assistance to YOU and provide the tools to help YOU accomplish your goals.

What keeps you up at night? What are your hopes and dreams? – Talk to Lynn. See if she can help YOU!